Article I. Name

This organization will be known as the Welcome Club of Henderson County.

Article II. Objectives

The objectives of this Club are to (1) provide friendship and opportunities for social interaction; and (2) to support local Henderson County charities.

Article III. Membership

The Club will not discriminate against either prospective or current members because of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, income status, marital status, sexual orientation or educational background.

Article IV. Officers

The officers of this Club will be:


First Vice-President (Events)

Second Vice-President (Membership)



Activities Chairperson

Newsletter Editor (Appointed Position)

Charity Liaison (Appointed Position)

These officers will be known as the Executive Board. Terms of office will run from January 1 to December 31.

Article V. Amendments

The Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Rules may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members present at an Annual or general meeting, provided said amendment has been endorsed by a majority of the Executive Board and published in the Newsletter.

Article VI. Meetings

There will be an Annual Meeting scheduled once a year. New officers for the upcoming term will be elected at the Annual Meeting. The Executive Board will schedule other general mmetings as needed.


Article I. Membership

1) A prospective member may attend up to three (3) Club events and/or activities before becoming a member. Then a membership form and dues must be submitted to the Membership Chairperson.

2) Membership may be continued provided a membership form and dues are submitted annually to the Membership Chairperson.

Article II. Dues

1) The Executive Board will recommend the amount of dues needed for each year. They will base their recommendation of the cost of maintaining the Club's annual directory, web site, events, records, business expenses and contributions to our charity. If there is a change in the annual dues, a final approval of the new amount will be by a simple majority vote of the members at an Annual or general meeting.

2) Renewing members will pay their annual dues by January 1. New members pay dues according to the date they join the Club. Full membership dues will be charged for new members joining from January thru June. For new members joining after July 1st, dues will be half of the annual rate for the first year only.

3) Membership directories will be provided to all paid members. Only names of paid members will appear in the directory.

Article III. Business and Elections

1) The business of the Club shall be conducted by the Executive Board.

2) The nominating committee will be made up of three members. The President will appoint an Executive Board member to chair the committee and two members-at-large to serve on the committee. The nominating committee will present the slate of officers in the Newsletter. The election of officers will be held at an Annual Meeting. Nominations from the floor will be accepted, providing the person being nominated has given their consent and is currently a paid member.

3) If there are any nomintions from the floor a written ballot will be taken. A simple majority vote shall elect. When there is only one nominee, election may be by show of hands.

4) Installation of officers will take place at the December Holiday Event.

5) The President, Treasurer and Second Vice-Presidenet will serve a two year term commencing with odd years. The Secretary, Activities Chairperson and First Vice President will serve a two year term commencing with even years. The Newsletter Editor and Charity Liaison are appointed positions, therefore not affected by these terms.

6) There shall be a monthly Newsletter that is the official publication of the Club providing general information and notification of activities. The Newsletter can be accessed online at www.welcomeclubhc.org

7) Our membership at large may submit suggestions for our Henderson County annual charity. Any charity that has been supported in the past five (5) years will not be eligible. The final slate of proposed charities will be approved by the Executive Board and presented through the Newsletter. Members may cast one vote for the charities nominated and listed on the membership form. The annual charity is selected by a simple majority vote.

Article IV. Officers and Their Duties

1) No elected Executive Board member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

2) Any vacancy on the Executive Board will be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the Board.

3) The President will preside at all meetings of the Club, decide all points of order and have oversight of all Club work. The outgoing President (Past-President) will serve as a non-voting advisor to the Executive Board and act as the Club Parlimentarian for one year.

4) The First Vice-President will act as Events Chairperson. The Events Chairperson plans, organizes and collects all funds for all special events. In the absence of the President, the First Vice-President will perform the duties of the President.

5) The Second Vice-President will act as Membership Chairperson and compile the annual membership directory.

6) The Secretary will keep a record of proceedings of each Executive Board, Annual or general meetiing, and handle the Club's correspondence.

7) The Treasurer will collect dues, keep financial records, maintain the Club's bank account, disburse funds and be responsible for scheduling an independent audit of the Club's books at the end of the year.

8) The Activities Chairperson will provide assistance to the activity group leaders and aid in forming new groups.

9) The Newsletter Editor will be appointed by the Executive Board each year. The Editor will compile the monthly Newsletter and maintain the website.

10) The Charity Liaison will be appointed by the Executive Board each year. The Charity Liaison will meet with the annual charity throughout the year and will present to the Executive Board recommendations for financial gifts.

Article V. Advisory Position: Past President

1) The outgoing President is a non-voting member of the Executive Board and will serve as the Parlimentarian for one year.

2) If unable to serve, the President will appoint a former Executive Board member to serve in that capacity.

3) The Parlimentarian shall be responsible for seeing that the Parlimentary procedure is followed at meetings, that the Constitution and By-Laws are followed and shall conduct the installation of officers at the December Holiday Event.


1)Robert's Rules of Order Revised version will be followed.

2) All checks and other orders for payment of funds greater than $100.00 will be approved by the President.

3)The year-end budget reconciliation will be published in the Newsletter during the first quarter of the following year.

4) Cancellation dates for any special event will be stated on the reservation form. Cancellations made before that date will be eligible for a full refund or the member may choose to donate the money to our annual charity.

5) Club member's dues must be current in oreder to participate in any Club event.

6) No activity or event will be scheduled to conflict with any Annual or general meeting.

7) The Club directory will not be used for commercial purposes.

8) When an activity has room for a limited number of people, the Welcome Club Activities Chairperson will keep a waiting list of members interested in joining an activity. A new activity group may be formed when there are enough people on the waiting list.

9) If a vote is to be taken at an Annual or general meeting there shall be no charge for a member to attend.

10) Members interested in forming a new Activity Group or a Special Event mus submit their request to the Executive Board.

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